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    Route of the Minas Romanas GREEN
Minas Romanas
Mapa de las rutas de las minas romnas

It runs along the narrow valley floor area between the dam and Ruesga Pico Celada. The itinerary can see flora and fauna typical of the Cantabrian mountains and mines which exploited the Romans in the third century

All year.

 DISTANCE: 10 km
 DURATION: 3 hours
 ELAVATION: 200 meters
    Chozo de la Espina BLUE
Oso pardo cantbrico Mapa del chozo de la Espina Azul

Runs through the middle of the valley narrow, the foot of Round Rock (2000m altitude). In this way we enter perfectly preserved forests and the perfect habitat of Cantabrian brown bear.

All year.


 DISTANCE: 11 km
 DURATION: 4 hours
 ELAVATION: 500 meters
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