PROMOCIÓN NATURAL Y TURISMO ACTIVO S.L., is a private initiative that aims to provide all its customers, the excellence of the mountains of Palencia, its beauty, its landscapes, its people, its gastronomy and hospitality.

The rest, well, wild nature, health, sports, and relaxation define the Eco-leisure, which Eco-ocio, PNTA SL offers.

Plan, organize and manage your Tourism.

A Natural and Ecological Tourism in the unique setting of the mountains of Palencia, an environment to be discovered.

Organize activities, and we ensure that our customers enjoy the food and rest Palentino, so that when you get home, sit ... happy and relaxed.

We specialize in Eco-ocio for groups, friends, businesses, schools, communities ... etc., but we can offer if they wish, activities and days off for smaller groups.

Specialists in Eco-leisure


Gastronomy and Rest


Activities groups.


¡¡Discover the mountains
of Palencia!!